What we can learn from the Defiant Dog

Ian Broyles‘ amusing one-page site Defiantdog.com features a photo of a dog, and a button containing the word “sit”. This is fabulously funny, considering that nothing (visible) happens when one clicks the button. I didn’t think much about it until Vasilis van Gemert posted about it and Ian published some stats; at that point in […]

Never Mind the Process, Here’s the Finished Website

Praise be to Karen McGrane, who dared to defend Lorem Ipsum. Her article couldn’t be more timely, as the festering sore that is the Cult of Content-is-King-and-Design-is-Just-a-Decorative-Sauce-on-the-Content-Entree has started to bleed profusely. And it’s pissing me off. As is the alarming thought trend that all deliverables should mimic the final product. On content Content is […]