The Text Method for determining visual hierarchy

A colleague recently came to me with a question about an existing web project that he had “inherited”. His question was about heading levels. HTML only has six, and this project had way more than six. If you removed the headings, there would be very little content left. Due to various constraints, he had limited […]

Not all design opinions are created equal

People have opinions about everything. You’d think that after almost 30 years in design, I would get used to that fact. But sometimes it’s hard. Many people either forget or don’t realize that design is a legitimate field of study. There are things you can learn and understand about design that others don’t, just like […]

Dates provide context

I was reading Joel Hooks’ article on “digital gardens”. He argues: “Chronologically sorted pages of posts aren’t how people actually use the internet.” This may be true (unless you spend most of your time reading mail, news, blog posts, or social media). Even so, dates can provide context. Hooks’ post (which is worth reading, by […]