Sketch and Destroy

Designers love their tools and processes. Many verbal battles have been fought about code or images, Photoshop or Sketch, paper or screen. And these discussions are serious. You’d think they were about whether to kill all kittens in the world. “Why don’t you name your layers?”, asks Designer A, looking in disgust at her coworker’s […]

Never Mind the Process, Here’s the Finished Website

Praise be to Karen McGrane, who dared to defend Lorem Ipsum. Her article couldn’t be more timely, as the festering sore that is the Cult of Content-is-King-and-Design-is-Just-a-Decorative-Sauce-on-the-Content-Entree has started to bleed profusely. And it’s pissing me off. As is the alarming thought trend that all deliverables should mimic the final product. On content Content is […]