Carousel-Based Web Design

It’s time to stop this ridiculous talk about semantics, multi-platform, accessibility and universal web bullshit and start talking about… carousels. That’s right. Carousels. No one actually expected a new solution to the problems of stakeholder pacification and attention-grabification after the untimely demise of blink and marquee, but we certainly found it. The carousel. Beautiful. Dynamic. […]

Update from The Haystack

Well, hello there! A lot has been going on around here, and the most important thing is arguably the fact that my book is now available. Responsive Design Workflow is now available through various booksellers, also via The book, which is quicker and easier to read than it was to write, explains the whys and […]

Say something nice (for a change)

With all of the recent discussions about how women in our industry are being treated, I started thinking about how many industry women have affected me somehow in a positive way. There are lots. Here is a handful. These are women who have inspired me, advised me, offered me help or taught me things, mostly […]