Say something nice (for a change)

With all of the recent discussions about how women in our industry are being treated, I started thinking about how many industry women have affected me somehow in a positive way. There are lots.

Here is a handful. These are women who have inspired me, advised me, offered me help or taught me things, mostly professionally but sometimes personally. They may not know this (they do now). I find each to be brimming with talent. They are smart, professional and just plain nice people. I feel lucky to know them and their work.

A tip of my invisible hat to (In no particular order):

No matter who you are, male or female, green or blue, you are on somebody’s list.

I can’t help but feel that someone, somewhere, will somehow turn this post into something bad. No, I have no ulterior motives for posting this. Nor do I need them.

Sometimes, it’s just important to say something nice.

Your turn. Have a good weekend.

PS: if you’re listed here and don’t appreciate that, please let me know and I will remove your name.