Presentations in November

It’s been a very busy few months, and November is no exception. In addition to an unholy amount of client work at Cinnamon, this month has brought a couple of speaking engagements.

On November 8th I had the privilege of taking part in a panel discussion at the eNederland conference about web accessibility and the new Quality Model for Websites. The Quality Model is heavily based on the Dutch Web Guidelines for government websites, and is an effort to encourage businesses to conform to accessibility and usability best practices. Other members of the panel were Gerlach Cerfontaine (President and CEO of Schiphol Group) , Rabobank ICT-manager Harrie Vollard and director Wijnand Jongen. There is a photo and a summary (in Dutch) at the website of the Taskforce for Handicap and Society, one of the initiators of the Quality Model project.

Next Thursday (November 29th), I’ll be doing a presentation for Logeion Association for Communication on real-world application of accessibility and usability guidelines, and the impact on online communication. Ruben Timmerman will present some case studies on the business application of usability principles. More information is available (in Dutch) at the Logeion website.

2 thoughts on “Presentations in November

  1. Ahh, mentioning my name made this popup in my rss reader, so now I found your blog. Turned out I already knew it and have read it, the name is too easy to remember :)

    Nice meeting you last week, I’m sure we’ll have further usability encounters.

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