Cool tool: Opera Notes

Something I didn’t pay much attention to until a few months ago is the Notes functionality built into Opera (desktop). I used to use Notational Velocity or SlipBox, which are both excellent.

Since I spend about 80% of my computer time in Vim and Opera, and since Opera is my primary browser (and e-mail client), using this functionality instead of a separate app works well for me. I don’t notice any difference in speed compared to Notational Velocity; the way they work is similar, but I like Opera’s integration with the browser, Opera Link and e-mail.

For those not familiar with Notes, I tried my hand at making a screencast.

A quick intro to Opera Notes from Stephen Hay on Vimeo.

4 thoughts on “Cool tool: Opera Notes

  1. Maysa, if you select some text on a web page, you can use cmd+option+c (ctrl+shift+c on Windows) to create a note from the text.

  2. Hey bro, can u create keyboard shortcut for Notes menu?? im searching and try but never find .. maybe like ctrl + alt + n .. but never work, cuz opera Notes really helpfulll for me

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