Livre (OpenMagazine) stops publication

Livre (formerly OpenMagazine), a Dutch web magazine covering digital sustainability issues, has ceased activity after four years of publication. The focus of the articles slanted toward subjects such as open source software and open standards. Way back in 2005, I wrote an article for OpenMagazine on increasing website accessibility(Dutch language, PDF, 2.7Mb) through the use of open web standards. Of course, my article was based on my work for the Dutch Web Guidelines which had been published in 2004. The guidelines promote the use of XHTML 1.0 Strict. Ironically, Anne van Kesteren‘s article in the same issue discusses the problems with XHTML (By the way, this discussion refuses to die). Ah, the good old days.

1 thought on “Livre (OpenMagazine) stops publication

  1. aww too bad. I remember writing an article for them about building municipal websites.
    good old days indeed.

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