Web Guidelines at Zinformatie

Zinformatie conferenceI’ll be speaking tomorrow in Utrecht, Netherlands on truths and myths regarding the Dutch Web Guidelines. I’d like to speak more about design in front-end development, but I guess the Web Guidelines are hot, and since I had a role in producing them, I get asked to talk about them. A lot.

As with any usability or accessibility guidelines, there are some myths which keep rearing their heads. These myths came to be in the minds of clients, mostly because because of what these clients have been told by hack, unprofessional front-end developers. You know, the kind who design websites based on what their framework or CMS is able to handle in its more or less standard form; god forbid these developers should know the faintest thing about decent markup. I’m tired of hearing what’s not possible within accessibility guidelines, especially when it’s simply untrue.

We’ll be talking about that.

For the Dutch among you, read more on the Zinformatie website.