Dutch translation of WCAG2 in public review

The Dutch translation of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 went into public review on November 2, 2009. It will be in review for 30 days. If you are Dutch (or are fluent in Dutch), and especially if you have knowledge in web accessibility, web development or web technologies in general, you might consider taking a look and submitting your comments. Everyone is welcome to participate.

I’m assuming that readers of this website are at least vaguely familiar with the WCAG. If not, you can read more about them on the WAI website, as there is no reason to repeat that information here.

26 organizations worked in varying capacity on this translation, including Cinnamon, represented by myself. The translation was coordinated by Stichting Accessibility, and follows the official procedure for authorized W3C translations.

After the review period, this candidate translation will be modified where necessary. It is expected that a finalized version will follow in December 2009. The current draft is not the finalized version, and may not be published as such.

Please help us review!

If you would like to review, you’ll need both the original English version as well as the candidate Dutch translation. Please send all comments to public-auth-trans-nl@w3.org.

Please note that the review is intended to ensure the correctness of the translation. The actual content of the draft will not be changed.

Please help out if you can! If you can’t review yourself, perhaps you can spread the word about it.

A Dutch-language press release is available (PDF, 72kB).